Quick Answer: What Is The Baseline Physical Fitness Test For The Navy?

What is the Navy PFA baseline?

All recruits arriving at the Navy’s boot-camp will complete an initial baseline fitness assessment. The assessment will include a 1.5 mile run, push-ups, and planks. Male recruits must complete the run within 16 minutes 10 seconds, the female recruits in 18 minutes 37 seconds or less.

What is the physical fitness test for the Navy?

The Navy physical fitness test consists of a 1.5 mile run, sit-ups and push-ups. Also swimming 500m for time is an option for the 1.5 mile run once you are active duty. This is a standard PT test used by other branches and many law enforcement agencies across the United States.

How many push-ups are required for the Navy?

Push-ups: You must complete at least 42 push-ups in two minutes. Sit-ups: You must complete at least 52 sit-ups in two minutes.

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Is PT mandatory in the Navy?

All Navy AC and RC personnel shall meet minimum physical fitness standards and participate in the command PT program.

How many pushups can a female do in the Navy?

Females must complete 17 push-ups and finish the 1.5-mile run in 15.5 minutes or less. As sailors age, the number of required push-ups continues to decreases for each age group.

Do you have to swim in the Navy?

It is one of the few military branches that make it mandatory for recruits to complete a Navy Swim Test prior to enlistment. Therefore, swimming is just as important in the U.S. Navy as being able to run a mile or do push-ups.

Is Navy boot camp 7 days a week?

While it’s called Boot Camp, it’s really a huge campus that includes both classroom and lots of hands-on training. The training is rigorous and demanding. And once you finish, it’s something to be proud of. Here’s what to expect throughout the 7- to 9-week schedule.

How long do you have to plank in the Navy?

The Navy’s youngest personnel — those between the ages of 17 and 19 — will have the most rigorous plank requirement. They’ll need to hold their bodies in a push-up-like position, with weight resting on their forearms, for 3 minutes, 40 seconds, to earn 100 points on the plank event.

How much do you have to weigh to join the Navy?

In the Navy, the height requirement for both men and women ranges from 57 to 80 inches (145 to 203 centimeters). While the acceptable weight for men in relation to height ranges between 127 to 241 pounds (58 to 109 kilograms), in women, it set from 127 to 227 pounds (58 to 103 kilograms).

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Is Navy training hard?

The first three weeks of Navy Boot Camp are clearly the toughest (physically, and stressfully). Get through the first three weeks, and you’ll almost assuredly graduate. As with Army and Air Force Basic Training, during the first couple of weeks, you’ll find that no one can seem to do anything right.

Can I join the Navy if I can’t swim?

Whether you’re a skilled swimmer or have never swum a stroke, you’re welcome in the Navy. Part of Navy boot camp is the swim test. Many Sailors join the Navy without knowing how to swim, but instructors at boot camp are trained to teach you everything you’ll need to know before the test.

Can you fail Navy basic training?

The Navy will require recruits to pass a running fitness test prior to beginning basic training as of Jan. Navy recruits who fail to meet the requirement will have 48 hours to retest. If they fail a second time, they will be sent home. They may be able to reapply with a waiver from Navy Recruiting Command.

Which branch has the hardest PT test?

Each branch of the service has unique advice for getting physically ready for that version of the fitness test. Marines have it the hardest, running three miles, doing pull-ups and crunches within the span of a two-hour evaluation period. The Army has its troops run two miles, plus two minutes of pushups and situps.

What does PT mean in Navy?

U.S. Navy Physical Therapist (PT) Careers | Navy.com.

How long do you have to tread water in the Navy?

The basic Swim Skills Assessment measures your ability to swim 15 yards in chest-deep water, swim another 15 yards in water over your head, tread water for one full minute and float facedown for one full minute.

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